Bronx SDA Church

Blessed by God to be a Blessing to Others

Service Information for Sept. 17, 2022

Worship Service for Sept 17, 2022

Sabbath Service Will Also Be Available on the Bronx SDA Church's Youtube Channel 

Pastor Leon L. George

Moring Hymn
34 Wake The Song

Rev 5: 5-14

"Who is Worthy? Pt2"

Closing Hymn
246 Worthy, Worthy is The Lamb







Click HERE to Watch "I Can't Breathe" Sermon by Pastor Guy


Service will begin at 11:00 am each Sabbath until we are no longer quarantined.

Worship Service will be live streamed through the link above:

Letter from our Senior Pastor

The health and safety of our church family is a top priority at this time. In an effort to slow down the rapidly spreading coronavirus, the state and city officials have put a limit of no more than 50 individuals gathering at a time. With this mandate, the conference president Dr. Daniel Honore, has asked that all churches and schools within the Northeastern Conference close for worship service and educational services for the next eight weeks. Therefore we at the Bronx church will comply with the order that has been mandated. Please consider the following:


  1. Our church worship service will be live streamed. You can view our service on our church's YouTube channel ( as it has been demonstrated. The live stream will begin each Sabbath morning at 11:00 AM. If you have difficulties accessing YouTube, please contact Br.  Ruel Johnson at 346-993-9076 or Br. Ray Rodriguez at 347-512-2908
  2. Please remember to utilize online giving as it relates to tithes and offerings.
  3. Please provide your email address by sending it to This will allow us to communicate directly with our church members from time to time during this crisis.
  4. Please stay in touch with each other, especially check in on our senior members.


Let’s continue to be faithful and keep each other in prayer. Be blessed.